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rapairing a damaged roof


A hurricane or big storm can cause extensive damage to your property. Whether it’s flooding, a tree falling over, or flying debris hitting the walls, there are lots of dangers that could put your house in jeopardy.


If your home suffers damage from a natural disaster, don’t fret. DR Renovations LLC is here to save the day with our storm repair service. In the aftermath of a flood or hurricane, time is vital, and it’s essential to have the expertise of a professional to provide the fix you need as soon as possible. We specialize in hurricane damage repair, so whether you need water extraction, roofing repair, or repairs to the structure of your home, we can handle anything a hurricane throws your way. Water damage can deteriorate the condition of your home, so we provide water damage interior repairs to return your home to its previous condition. We can fix or replace your drywall, flooring, and more.


We understand that these emergencies can be difficult to handle, so we assure you that our experts will be professional, respectful, and compassionate. We’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to feeling safe and sound in your home. When an emergency strikes, we will be there to help you. Reach out to us in the New Orleans, LA area today.

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